Please help sponsor our teachers and staff members

We are looking forward to giving a better life to the deaf children of Haiti through the gift of education, because we know the value of a proper education.

In order to provide a proper education we need the help of a principal, a supervisor, teachers, and other staff members. Each one of these people play a very important role in our education system. A principal to coordinate, a supervisor to keep things running smooth, teachers to teach, and other staff members to fill in where help is greatly needed.

Even though we have been blessed with volunteers who dedicate their time to our ministry, we still face some difficulties. Your sponsorship will allow us to hire trained teacher and staff to help us reach our vision, our dream, our inspirations, and that is to educate.

It has not been an easy journey and we have a long road ahead of us. With your monthly sponsorship of a staff member we can successfully secure a future for the deaf children of Haiti.

Please visit to make a donation online.

Make checks payable to CCRON and  mail to:

PO Box 17676
Greenville South Carolina 29606

Thank you in advance for your donation and may God bless you for your contributions.